Rules & Guidelines

This is a community-maintained database of some of the most common and useful apps and tools for a hacked Nintendo 3DS family system. If you have a suggestion for an application that should exist here, you can submit it as per the following guidelines:
  1. The project must be released and maintained publicly on Github, with source code visible. This is for two reasons: first, trust and transparency, second, Github releases are easier to link to with this system.
  2. The project must not include any copyrighted or rights-reserved content for which the project does not have an appropriate license.
  3. The project's license must not restrict TinyDB from linking to it with author attribution.
  4. The project must not include malicious code, including but not limited to the unauthorised collection of user data, code which intentionally damages or restricts device functionality, etc
By submitting an application for release via TinyDB, you confirm the following:
  1. You are the project owner, a developer or maintainer for the project, or an authorised representative OR if you are not related to the project, you believe in good faith that the project team will or would give permission for the project to be linked on TinyDB (the project team may be contacted for this purpose)
  2. You have read these guidelines
  3. You, in good faith, believe the project does not violate these guidelines
Applications will be reviewed before submission is approved. Submitting an application does not guarantee its acceptance.